Kate Bush, an artist who exists outside of the patriarchy, tbf I think she exists outside of this planet, outside of this galaxy, She is not of this world and that’s why I love her!!

On first seeing this, it made me really sad and made my essay on her and feminist theory seem pretty redundant! *Cries! However at the same time, I kinda get where she is coming from! I don’t think Kate Bush needs feminism. She is possibly one of the few female artists who pretty much doesn’t.
When we look at Kate Bush, we see a better world, we see, well I know I see a human first of all, actually a sub-human creature capable of creating magic and taking us to another world as a real artist should do – and I think that is why so many of us adore her so much, because we love seeing and experiencing this. We see this tiny glimpse of what the world could be like if female artists got to do their art while being seen as people and not constantly held to ridiculous standards, trivialized and ridiculed and then shamed for being either too sexy or not sexy enough all the time


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